Updated quarterback rankings for the Colts after the NFL Combine

NFL Combine
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CJ Stroud
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490. . 1. player. . Previos: 2nd. . C.J. Stroud

CJ Stroud is the purest passer and is NFL ready for Colts

Stroud being paired up with Richardson was like comparing apples and oranges. Both were very good at the combine, but for different reasons. Everything that Richardson excelled at, Stroud was a step behind. Stroud excelled at everything else that Richardson did not though. At the end of the day, Stroud did exactly what he needed to do in the combine.

The only thing that would have helped Stroud is seeing him run the 40, but he elected not to run. If he could have ran under 4.50 seconds, he would have launched himself into the top pick easily.

Stroud looked great throughout the day, though. His short passes were as perfect as they could get and he was able to get the ball put into the exact spot no matter what he was looking at each time. His feet were perfect and throwing motion was just about as smooth as you could imagine.

When it came to the deep ball, he went head-to-head with Richardson and looked a little off, though. His first throw was short and wide, but the receiver was able to track it down and make the catch. He missed the second, but was able to connect with Ohio State receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba for a 60 yard throw down field.

His deep balls weren't perfect like Richardson, but he did get back up to throw another 65-yarder and connected on it.

At the end of the day, Stroud is a pure passer and will be ready for Week 1 in the NFL if a team drafts him. He will need offensive line help to keep him up right, but Stroud is the best quarterback in the draft right now.

Any of the four quarterbacks in this draft will be good for the Indianapolis Colts. It just comes down to who Chris Ballard and Shane Steichen want leading the charge.

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