Updated quarterback rankings for the Colts after the NFL Combine

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Anthony Richardson
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Anthony Richardson showed out in Indianapolis

Anthony Richardson had probably the most impactful week at the Combine. He had such a great day, that you could overhear fans wearing Ohio State gear getting excited about his throws.

Richardson started his day by breaking a combine record for quarterbacks with a 40.5" vertical, followed up by tieing the broad jump record with 10'9". After the day, he was asked if he was happy and Richardson responded with "No" and alluded to wanting a 41" vertical and 11' broad jump. He then ran a 4.43 official 40-yard-dash time, beating all other quarterbacks and many wide receivers.

It appeared that Anthony was never satisfied with his efforts at the combine, something that you like to see in a quarterback who just wants to continue improving his game.

Daniel Jeremiah stated on the broadcast that teams should use the "Mahomes plan" when drafting Anthony Richardson and let him sit a year and learn the offense and what it's like being in the NFL. It seems like that plan has worked for Kansas City, after three trips to the Super Bowl, winning two of them.

Jeremiah later said that he remembers pre-game workouts when facing Dante Culpepper in college and Richardson reminds him a lot of Culpepper in his preparation for each game.

All of that is great, but how did he do throwing the ball? His shorter routes quieted the excited crowd a little bit as they often were a bit high or to the wrong shoulder of his receiver. His fastest ball was second highest and clocked in at 60mph, only behind UCLA QB Dorian Thompson-Robinson at 62mph.

Richardson hits his guy a little higher than the others, which is good when you have athletic tight ends and receivers that prefer the ball thrown a little higher out of the reach of defenders. It would be a perfect fit for Indianapolis.

The deep ball game was the best part of the combine. Richardson and Stroud were back-to-back and just started launching the ball down the filed. Richardson threw three balls at 60 yards and not only did it look easy and effortless, it hit the receiver in the breadbasket each time.

After Stroud got another deep ball in, Richardson stepped up to the line to launch another 60 yarder for his fourth straight completion.

Richardson is a unicorn in this draft and he could either be the golden quarterback or a bust. My bet is that he will be the top quarterback in the draft 10 years from now.