Updated quarterback rankings for the Colts after the NFL Combine

NFL Combine
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Bryce Young
NFL Combine / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

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Bryce Young showed up for meetings and that was it

Bryce Young didn't really do much for his draft stock other than meet with teams. It sounded like from reporters that he had good interviews with the teams that he did meet with. We’ll have to wait until Alabama’s pro day to see Young throw, but that will be a much more scripted and controlled setting than if he threw at the Combine.

The fact that Colts new head coach Shane Steichen has referenced him indirectly when it comes to the type of quarterback he likes to coach is a good sign for him. But not being able to see how Young measures up on the field compared to the other three does hurt him a little bit.

When Young was seen on the jumbotron in Lucas Oil Stadium, he drew a very large cheer, but that was just the one time. He didn't seem to draw the same kind of cheers as when Will Levis, CJ Stroud, and Anthony Richardson were on the field.

Young certainly has shown he has the footwork and is one of the purest passers in the draft, but his size is what is hurting him right now. If Bryce measured the same way as the other three, he would be the consensus first pick in the draft, and the Bears would have plenty of teams trying to move up.