Updated quarterback rankings for the Colts after the NFL Combine

NFL Combine
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Will Levis
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Will Levis didn’t shine in weak grouping at the Combine

The quarterbacks were broken into two groups at the combine, and Levis wasn't grouped with the other potential top picks in the draft. Levis was grouped with Tyson Bagent, Stetson Bennett, Malik Cunningham, Max Duggan, Jake Haener, and Jaren Hall.

At first, Levis was shining in the short throwing drills. His footwork looked great, his passes looked pure, and he was making great reads with the receivers.

Once throws got 20+ yards down the field, it looked less natural. His throwing motion looked decent, but his accuracy was just all over the place. Levis just didn't wow the crowd when he went deep in comparison to some of the other quarterbacks.

"Because I got a cannon, and I wanna show it off."

Will Levis on why he is participating

Levis just didn't show the cannon that he claimed to have at the combine and was out-thrown by Georgia QB Stetson Bennett. Levis' deepest completion was between 50-55 yards down the field. During warmups, his fastest ball clocked in at 59mph, which was tied for the third fastest with just about everyone else at the combine.

Levis just appeared to be average compared to the rest. He certainly is good and has the talent to be taken in the top 10 of the draft, but he should not be the first option for the Colts based on the Combine.