Which prospect could immediately produce in fantasy football if drafted by Colts?

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While the Indianapolis Colts and all other teams are looking for the players that’ll help them win, fans are wondering who will be the next fantasy football stars.

Every NFL season, a few players remind the fans that they don’t really care about fantasy football. While a few players may not care, a big part of the football world does. As fans prepare every weekend to cheer their teams on, a bunch of those fans are preparing for their own matchups in their respective fantasy football leagues.

With the 2023 NFL Draft coming up, not only will there be hundreds of new players in the league, but there will be several new fantasy football stars. The challenge for fantasy football managers is figuring out which players will be immediately productive as a rookie. In order for that to happen, a player must be talented, but they also have to end up on a team that gives them the circumstances and opportunity to excel in year one.

Since it’s never too early to talk about fanstasy football, Maurice Moton of Bleacher recently looked at the best fantasy football landing spots for top offensive playmakers in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Colts were named as an ideal landing spot for one of the top prospects. Moton made the case that if Indianapolis selected quarterback Anthony Richardson, Richardson could be a name for fantasy managers to watch.

Anthony Richardson to Colts works in mock drafts and fantasy football

Moton argued that Richardson’s running ability, combined with his big arm, gives him a chance to be an explosive player in the league. The reason Moton feels Indianapolis is the best team for that to happen early is because Shane Steichen. Highlighting Steichen’s work with Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts, Moton says, “Steichen knows how to get the most out of an athletic or physically gifted quarterback.” Richardson could be the next quarterback that Steichen gets to help develop.

Luckily for some fantasy managers, and Indy’s fans, this actually has a great chance of happening; the Colts probably will end up with Anthony Richardson. Picking at No. 4, Indy will likely be choosing between Richardson and Will Levis. If it is Richardson, Steichen would have the opportunity to build an offense around him, one that’s probably similar to what the Philadelphia Eagles did with Jalen Hurts.

If that happens, and Richardson can actually grow into his potential, he will help the Colts win a lot of games, and also win plenty of games for the fantasy managers lucky enough to draft him.

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