NFL fans are laughing at the Colts new alternate uniform

• The Indianapolis Colts recently revealed a new 'Indiana Nights' alternate uniform.

• NFL Twitter doesn’t seem to be a fan of the uniform.

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages

On Thursday, the Indianapolis Colts unveiled a new alternate uniform. The “Indiana Nights” uniform features a black helmet, the first in team history, with a heathered blue jersey and pants. The new alternate will first be worn in Week 7 of the 2023 season in the game against the Cleveland Browns on October 22. The uniforms will also stick around, as Indy plans to wear them in future seasons as well.

For the most part, the uniforms were well received by Colts fans. The black helmet catered to a request that fans have had for years. Although a lot of fans were asking for a full blackout uniform, Indy’s fans seem more than happy with the Indiana Nights alternate, and are excited to see them debuted at Lucas Oil Stadium.

However, the reception outside of Colts fans seems to be a really mixed bag, with several NFL fans across Twitter making a ton of jokes about, or just criticizing, Indy’s new uniform.

NFL Twitter isn’t a fan of the Colts new uniform

The uniform was criticized every way possible. It was called generic, horrific, and just unnecessary. Some fans said it would’ve been better if Indy just went all black, and others just said the Colts will look like a mid-level college football team with these uniforms.

Other fans got even more specific, saying Indy will look just like a BYU knockoff. There were a few Duke comparisons, but mainly, people joked that they mistaked the Colts for the BYU Cougars.

However, the reception wasn’t all bad. On every tweet calling the uniform bad, there were usually a couple of people refuting, and praising the uniform. Former NFL receiver Dez Bryant even took to Twitter to call the uniform heat, and called anyone who disagreed a hater.

So, just like everything else in the world, some fans liked the uniform and others thought they were bad. What’s ultimately important is that the Colts win in the uniform.