NFL insider reveals Colts tried to pull off a stunning Draft Day trade to help Anthony Richardson

Well, that would have been fun.
Indianapolis Colts OTA Offseason Workout
Indianapolis Colts OTA Offseason Workout / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts tried to make a splash this offseason. According to Adam Schefter, the Colts and two other teams tried to make a trade for Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson prior to the 2024 NFL Draft. Unfortunately for the Colts and those other teams (the Jets and 49ers), the Vikings made it crystal clear that they would not be dealing the star wideout.

""Every team that called the Vikings before the draft was told 'we're not trading him,'" Schefter said (six-minute mark). "The conversations went nowhere with anybody.""

From Scott Polacek's article

Just imagine if the Colts had been able to work something out for Jefferson. They probably would have had to give up a ton of draft capital and potentially a key player as well but if they did this and still had extended Michael Pittman Jr., their wide receiver trio would be Jefferson, Pittman, and Adonai Mitchell. This isn't even mentioning Josh Downs, who has been solid.

This would have given Anthony Richardson no excuses when it came to his targets and it'd have been a huge boost for this Colts offense.

Colts reportedly reached out to Vikings about Justin Jefferson

The Vikings ended up extending Jefferson to a massive four-year contract, worth $140 million with $110 million of that being guaranteed money. There's no doubt that Jefferson earned that contract and the Vikings clearly never felt that they wouldn't be able to get a deal worked out with him.

One thing appears clear though and it's that the Colts didn't get far with their inquiry. It'd have been a lot of fun to see Jefferson rocking the blue and white and catching passes from Richardson over the next several years. While we won't get to see that any time soon, circumstances can change and perhaps Jefferson will become available on the trade market and then the Colts can swoop in and bring him to Indianapolis.

For now though, Colts fans will have to "settle" on watching Pittman, Mitchell, and Downs. Fans will probably be okay with that.