An NFL expert is making a guarantee about Colts guard Quenton Nelson

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
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As Quenton Nelson is looking to bounce back for the Indianapolis Colts, an NFL expert is making a guarantee about the perennial Pro Bowl guard.

Quenton Nelson has accomplished more in his first five seasons in the NFL than many players will accomplish in their career. Since being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 2018, Nelson has been one of the best players in the league, making four All-Pro teams and five Pro Bowls, one for every season he’s been in the league.

However, the 2022 season was Nelson’s worst season of his career. Although he still made the Pro Bowl, Nelson didn’t play near his standard. The Colts offensive line consistently struggled and Nelson wasn’t an exception. He was aware that he took a step back, and explained that he has a plan to get back to being the dominant guard that he was in his first four seasons.

There aren’t many people doubting that will happen. Adam Schein, in a recent piece for, named nine players who will be guaranteed risers in 2023. Schein listed Quenton Nelson as one of the players that he guarantees will have a better season than last year.

Quenton Nelson guaranteed to have a better season for Colts

Schein referred to Nelson’s 2022 season as “weird” and “strangely ordinary,” highlighting how the five sacks he allowed in 2022 were more than the four total sacks that he gave up in his first four seasons combined. Schein doesn’t see this as the start of a decline, though, just an anomaly.

Pointing out that Quenton Nelson is only 27, Schein says, “he’s still squarely in his prime.” He expects the Colts to return to their run game, and believes it will once again be productive thanks to “Nelson blowing open holes once again as a road-grading force.” If that happens, Indianapolis will be in great shape.

It’s hard to disagree with Schein on this because Nelson hasn’t given anyone much reason to doubt him. His latest offering definitely wasn’t good but he’s provided everyone with four seasons of generational guard play; he’s built a resume that deserves the benefit of the doubt. When Nelson returns to the field, expect him to be dominant again.