NFL executives reveal how much they’d be willing to send Colts for Jonathan Taylor

The Indianapolis Colts are open to trading Jonathan Taylor for a first-round pick, but are other executives willing to give up that much for the running back?
Dec 17, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28)
Dec 17, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28) / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the Indianapolis Colts switched their stance, allowing star running back Jonathan Taylor to seek a trade. Taylor wanted to be traded from the moment it became clear that Indy wasn’t going to extend him this offseason, but the organization initially denied that request. However, Taylor is now officially available, but the Colts are making it clear that it’ll cost an interested team to acquire him.

Following the report that Taylor had permission to seek a trade, it was reported that Indianapolis wants a first-round pick for Taylor or a package of picks that equals the value of a first. That’s Indy’s asking price, but the question is if other franchises are willing to send that much.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer tried answering that question in a recent piece. Breer spoke with multiple anonymous NFL execs, who Breer described as “from teams unattached to the situation,” and asked them what’s Taylor trade value. None of the executives said a first-round pick.

"One AFC exec said he’d ballpark it at a third- and a fifth-round pick. Another AFC exec said a third- or fourth-rounder. An NFC exec said he’d consider a package carrying the value of a second- or third-rounder. A second NFC exec said he’d put the value at a fourth-rounder with play-time triggers to make it a third. A third NFC exec said a second- or third-rounder (“Less than [Christian] McCaffrey,” he added). A fourth NFC exec said “maybe” a Day 2 pick. A third AFC exec said a third-rounder. A fifth NFC exec said “possibly” a Day 2 pick, and a fourth AFC exec said a second-rounder. And an AFC GM also pegged it at a second-rounder."

Albert Breer

Jonathan Taylor not believed to be worth a first-round pick

According to those execs, Taylor’s trade value is in the day-two range, second- or third-round pick. That’s a little less than what the Colts want for Taylor. However, there’s no telling what will happen in negotiations. As Breer said, these execs are from teams unattached to the situation. A team that really wants Taylor may be willing to send more.

Additionally, there’s no telling if the Colts will actually get a first rounder or a package that’s worth a first. Sure, that’s the team’s asking price, but people ask for things they don’t get all time. Jonathan Taylor asked for a contract extension from Indianapolis, and that didn’t happen. Indy may enter negotiations hoping to get a first-round pick, but the team could settle for less once they start actually hearing offers.

The Colts must decide if it’s first-round pick or nothing, or if they’ll move Jonathan Taylor for the best-available package, knowing that Taylor may not remain with the team behind this season.