NFL Draft 2024: Should the Colts consider trading up?

Should the Colts swing for the fences?
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
2023 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3 / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts own the 15th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. What they do with that pick remains to be seen but the Colts could stand to upgrade their offense in the form of wide receiver or tight end for Anthony Richardson to throw to as he returns for what's hopefully a healthy second season in the NFL.

While the 2024 wide receiver class is pretty stacked, what if the Colts made a trade to move up and select Brock Bowers, the elite tight end out of Georgia? Bowers was a gem during his three years at Georgia, going over the 700-yard mark every year with his best season coming in 2022 when he had 942 receiving yards and seven touchdowns. As a freshman in 2021, he had 882 receiving yards and found the end zone 13 times.

The Colts currently have Jelani Woods and Kylen Granson as their tight end options for the 2024 season. Woods hasn't played since 2022 and Granson had just one touchdown in 2023 so there's no doubt that Bowers would be an upgrade for the Colts at the position.

Trading up for Bowers would be a ballsy move for the Colts but ultimately it'd be a steep price to pay. The wide receiver class is deep this year so the Colts could stay put at 15 and still add a key piece to their offense.

Colts should stay put in 2024 NFL Draft

Honestly, while it's not realistic, there's still a slight chance that Bowers could fall to Indianapolis at 15 overall. The run on quarterbacks in the first 5-10 picks will lead to Bowers dropping and the Colts could end up benefitting from that drop.

That being said, it does feel unlikely that a player to Bowers' caliber, and at a position like tight end, would fall to close to the halfway mark of the first round. If he does, however, the Colts should pounce on taking him.

The Indianapolis Colts shouldn't trade up in the draft, only because it'd cost them a pretty big haul and they could still find a solid player to add to their offense (or defense if they decide to go in that direction) midway through the first round.