The most important offseason issues the Colts have to confront

The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of things to address this offseason. Here are a list of the most pressing issues the franchise will be faced with.
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Keeping continuity on the staff

Colts fans may not want to hear this but Gus Bradley will return this coming season along with his entire staff, at the moment. The same can be said for the offensive staff as well but expect guys like OC Jim Bob Cooter to get some interest among other teams for a similar position but would allow him to call plays during the game, which he does not do for this franchise.

Head coach Shane Steichen mentioned in his final presser of the year that he “believes in continuity” and it appears that he will be bringing back anyone that wants to be back for the 2024 season. I do think his logic is sound (even though I want a new voice on defense) but the idea of having continuity in this league seems foreign as coach’s turnover all the time. We have seen promising prospects get drafted and then a coach gets fired and they have a completely different scheme or playbook to learn, and it causes inconsistencies. Those inconsistencies lead to poor performance and then some of them don’t make it in the league at all.

Steichen knows that if he gets results on the field then he will be able to bring in more guys that fit his plan in both free agency and the draft, with Ballard’s vote of confidence as well. Keeping continuity will allow these draft picks to flourish and allow the Colts to convince some bigger name free agents to come to Indianapolis and be a part of something special brewing in Indianapolis for years to come.