The most important offseason issues the Colts have to confront

The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of things to address this offseason. Here are a list of the most pressing issues the franchise will be faced with.
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Decision on Gardner Minshew and backup quarterback

With the unfortunate season ending injury to Anthony Richardson, we saw the importance of having a capable back up quarterback. Gardner Minshew delivered for the most part, but he was very inconsistent and lacked that deep ball threat that Richardson would have been able to keep as a threat. What Minshew did do well was understand how to win and keep the Colts alive in most games.

Minshew is a free agent now and he will have to decide not only what he wants to be (starter or backup) and, most importantly, what the market will dictate to him. He is a competitive guy, and I am sure he would love to really get a starters’s contract and guarantee for next season, but the market may not be there because of his inconsistency. I think the franchise would take him back as an insurance policy for Richardson and his knowledge of the scheme would continue to be beneficial.

With the Colts moving into the contender’s conversation their decision at this position will need to be having a quarterback that can come in and win multiple games if need be. Keeping a seasoned veteran as a backup with starting experience instead of three young quarterbacks will allow Richardson a good voice for the room and the insurance policy, the team will need because of the playing style we intend to see next season for that position with the RPO heavy scheme.

If we do not bring back Minshew other options could include Drew Lock, Jacoby Brissett, Ryan Tannehill, and Tyrod Taylor.