Mike Greenberg lays out the perfect draft scenario for Colts

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Mike Greenberg recently mapped out the ideal draft for the Indianapolis Colts and it didn’t involve taking a quarterback with the fourth-overall pick.

The 2023 NFL Draft will be a big one for the Indianapolis Colts. After a 4-12-1 season where pretty much everything that could go wrong did go wrong, Indy is working to rebuild itself back into a yearly contender. The first step of that rebuild has hiring Shane Steichen to be head coach. The next step will be finding a franchise quarterback.

The expectation is that the Colts will find their franchise quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. Armed with the No. 4 pick, Indianapolis is in position to select one of the top tree QBs in this draft. The only questions are which quarterback and will Indy have to trade up to get him.

In a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, ESPN’s Mike Greenberg detailed what he believes would be the perfect draft scenario for the Colts. Surprisingly, it didn’t involve drafting a quarterback at Mo. 4. Greenberg said it would be best for Indy to select Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. at No. 4 and then acquire Lamar Jackson after the draft. Greeny argues that this would “transform the franchise instantly.”

Colts draft plan should be Will Anderson and Lamar Jackson

Greenberg is likely making the assumption that the Arizona Cardinals will trade the No. 3 pick to a quarterback-needy team, because if they don’t, the Cardinals are probably going to draft Anderson. However, if Arizona does make the trade, and three quarterbacks are selected in the first three picks, drafting Anderson and pursing Lamar Jackson makes a lot of sense.

This wasn’t exaggeration by Greenberg, the combination of these two players can absolutely turn the franchise around. Everyone has seen how special Lamar Jackson is and how much he impacts winning. However much money and however many draft picks it takes to get him will absolutely be worth it. Jackson may be far more expensive than a rookie quarterback but he’s also far more of a sure thing.

As far as prospects go, Will Anderson Jr. may be the safest bet of any prospect. With the majority of pre-draft conversation focused on the quarterbacks, Anderson has kind of become an afterthought. However, he has a strong case to be the best prospect in this class. Anderson checks all of the boxes off the field and he’s a problem on it.

Will Anderson may not be the player or position that everyone had circled for the Colts at No. 4 but he’ll be a difference-maker for the franchise if he was selected. If Indianapolis selects Anderson, Indy just has to make sure that they can go get Lamar Jackson.

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