Michael Pittman Jr. clears air about 'dramatic' comments following Colts Week 7 loss

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. had some contentious comments after Indy lost to the Cleveland Browns, and he’s now clearing those up.
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. took it upon himself to clarify his frustations following the team's brutal loss against the Cleveland Browns in Week 7. Pittman Jr. voluntarily met with reporters in the locker room following to explain himself.

The longtime Colt's frustrations were exemplified via comments such as, "they just didn't target me for whatever reason. Maybe I'm not a big part of the offense." Some fans took offense to this venting, though the majority of the fanbase saw between the lines and understood that Pittman Jr. is a competitor and is never satisified. It was a very emotional ending to an unexpected thriller, thus tensions were high and based on any takeaway, satisfaction was not met.

It's also important to remember that MPJ has seen 7 (!) different quarterbacks at the helm in his 3.5 seasons in Indianapolis yet he's remained a consistent and reliable member of the offense. Pittman Jr. himself quickly realized this and as previously mentioned, took it upon himself to rewrite his wrongs.

Michael Pittman Jr. walks back comments, admits he lost his composure

The voluntary aspect as well as his self-awareness proved the fanbase right in their collective belief that Pittman Jr. was merely frustrated that his team wasn't able to add to the win column after it was all said and done.

The officiating clearly was a factor and issue within itself, especially given the recent report from team owner Jim Irsay himself that the officiating crew admitted their wrongdoings, Pittman Jr. chose to refrain from bringing that up altogether. Instead, he chose the humble route, admitting his comments from earlier in the week about not being a big part of the offense were uncalled for.

"It was a very frustrating loss the way that it happened. And I've never been a good loser. I'm actually a very poor sport. It's something that I've been working on my whole life and it's just hard for me sometimes. And when you lose, sometimes you lose your composure, you lose your head. I think I was a little dramatic when I said that. Obviously I am a big part of this offense, I lead the team in targets (and stuff like that). It was out of frustration and I just wanted to clear up that I love playing here. I love Indy and everything that we do here."

Michael Pittman Jr.

There are sure to be some critical thinkers out there that believe MPJ only did this voluntary round of clarification to reporters because his agent told him to. Although, those closest to the organization couldn't have been less shocked about his recent course of action.

Michael Pittman Jr. is in a contract year and has only further proved his worth so far in 2023. MPJ is currently 9th in the NFL in targets (65), 12th in receptions (42), and 16th in receiving yards with 489.