Mel Kiper predicts Colts trading up in draft for a surprising quarterback selection

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With college pro days underway, draft analyst Mel Kiper has released another mock draft, predicting which quarterback the Indianapolis Colts will select.

As the NFL Draft approaches, it remains a big mystery what order the top quarterbacks will be selected. The Carolina Panthers recently traded up to the No. 1 pick, so they’ll have their choice of all of the quarterbacks, but even they are still undecided. For the Indianapolis Colts who are currently set to pick at No. 4, their selection will largely be decided by the teams in front of them.

With Carolina at No. 1 and the Houston Texans at No. 2, two quarterbacks are expected to be selected in the first two picks. What happens with the third pick is a bit of a mystery. The Arizona Cardinals currently hold the pick, but since they don’t need a quarterback, there’s a belief that they could trade the pick to a quarterback-needy team.

Several analysts have made the case for the Colts to trade to trade up from No. 4 to No. 3, to ensure they get the third quarterback off the board. That’s what Mel Kiper predicts to happen in his latest mock draft. However, Kiper has Indianapolis making somewhat of a surprising pick. He believes Indy is going to trade up to No. 3 to select quarterback Will Levis.

Mel Kiper predicts Colts trade up for Will Levis

The reason this is surprising is that Levis has generally been considered the fourth-best quarterback in this draft class. The conversation at the top of the draft has generally been about Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, and Anthony Richardson. While Kiper has Stroud and Young going in the top two picks, he believes Levis’ name will be called before Richardson’s.

Mel Kiper argued that the Colts have the weapons to help Levis out and that Shane Steichen should also be able to maximize Levis’ abilities, similar to how Steichen did with Jalen Hurts. If Indianapolis can help Will Levis tap into his potential and get near his ceiling, it’ll ultimately be a great selection.

However, it probably won’t initially go over well with fans. Like many of the analysts, a lot of fans have focused in on three quarterbacks: Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, and Anthony Richardson. If the Colts choose Levis over one of these three, there will likely be some disappointment. But ultimately, what the chosen quarterback does on the field will determine how fans really feel about him.

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