A look back at Colts’ busy first week of free agency and what to look for in Week 2

The Indianapolis Colts were busy during the first week of free agency but they still have more work to do going into the second week.
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New additions for Colts in 2024

Joe Flacco, QB
One Year, $8.7 Million ($4.5 Million Guaranteed)

Outside of re-signing Gardner Minshew (which was unlikely), you could not think of a better signing to join Anthony Richardson in the quarterback room. Richardson will need the guidance of a seasoned veteran to assist with film study and game preparation and that’s exactly what Flacco will bring to this team. Flacco also gives the team a chance to win some games if Richardson gets hurt again at any point this season.

Raekwon Davis, DT
Two Years, $14 Million ($7 Million Guaranteed)

This signing made a lot of sense from a couple of different standpoints. The first one, Raekwon Davis gives a solid rotational piece behind Buckner and Stewart, since we see Buckner pop up on the injury report from time to time it gives more time for the other young players to continue to develop. Second, with Buckner in a contract year it allows the Colts to have a bridge player if Buckner does not return in 2025.