Length of massive Isaiah Rodgers Sr. suspension seemingly confirmed by NFL insider

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

After weeks of speculation, the length of the suspension for Indianapolis Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr. is seemingly confirmed by a top NFL insider.

Earlier in the offseason, news broke that Isaiah Rodgers Sr., the top corner for the Indianapolis Colts, was under investigation by the NFL for a possible violation of the league’s gambling policy. Once his name became public, Rodgers quickly posted a statement taking responsibility and apologizing.

Although the investigation was still ongoing, Rodgers statement assured that a suspension was inevitable. Considering the fact that Rodgers was accused of gambling on NFL games and placing bets from the team’s facility, everyone assumed that he would be suspended for at least a year, because that was the punishment for similar offenses.

On Wednesday, Adam Schefter, one of the NFL’s top insiders, confirmed the assumption that Rodgers would be suspended for a year. Schefter tweeted out that the league will soon announce season-long suspensions for a hadndul of players that includes Isaiah Rodgers Sr.

Colts Isaiah Rodgers Sr. to be suspended for 2023 season

This is the latest instance of the NFL enforcing its gambling policy. As Schefter noted in a follow-up tweet, in the last two offseasons, four players have been suspended for at least a year for betting on NFL games, and two other players were suspended for six games for betting in league facilities. Those totals don’t include Rodgers and the other players that will soon be named by the league.

For Rodgers, this suspension comes as he was entering his fourth season in the NFL, a contract year and a year that could’ve been a breakout season for him. He was poised to be the team’s top cornerback and there were a lot of expectations for him since he’s been so promising throughout his career. Now, that will all come go a halt as he’ll be away from the team for at least a year.

As for the Colts, they’ll turn to their youth in the secondary. With three rookie corners, and others that are in their second season, Indianapolis will put its trust in young corners unless the team adds another veteran before the start of trading camp.