Jonathan Taylor reveals message he shared with Anthony Richardson when he was drafted

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor shared a special message with rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson after he was drafted by the team.
Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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When the Indianapolis Colts drafted quarterback Anthony Richardson, all everyone could think about was Richardson and All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor lining up in the backfield together. With both being dynamic runners, head coach, and offensive mastermind, Shane Steichen would have no choice but to design a scary offense.

Taylor, the veteran of the two, was also excited, and he knows how important the relationship between running back and quarterback is. That’s why the fourth-year running back immediately reached out to Richardson after he was drafted to Indianapolis. In a recent appearance on The Trenches Show, Zaire Franklin’s podcast, Taylor explained that he quickly got in touch with Richardson to let him know that he has his back, and that he’ll be there for whatever he needs.

Jonathan Taylor told Anthony Richardson that he’ll always have his back

Taylor explained that he felt this was an important message to give to Richardson because it was an important lesson he learned from his veteran quarterbacks. Taylor said that he has asked Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and Matt Ryan what they need from his as a running back to make things easier. All three said they just need him to be there, handling his responsibility, and having the quarterback’s back. That's why Taylor let Richardson know that it’s only the two of them in the backfield, and that they’ll lookout for each other. Taylor will pick Richardson up when he’s struggling and vice versa.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much of the duo this season. Taylor missed the first four games, as he was on the PUP list rehabbing his ankle. When he returned in Week 5, Richardson sustained the shoulder injury that required season-ending surgery. So the masses will have to wait until next season to see what could be the best duo in the NFL.

The good news is: Richardson and Taylor have a great relationship, and we have seen both of them dominate on an NFL field. Additionally, they’re both under contract for several more years. In 2024, they will be able to have each other’s back and take the league by storm.