Jonathan Taylor reacts to Colts not trading him and he’s clearly not happy

On Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts elected to place Jonathan Taylor on the PUP list instead of trading him, and Taylor was not happy with that decision.
Oct 16, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28) on
Oct 16, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28) on / Jenna Watson-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people were hoping that Tuesday would be the end of the Jonathan Taylor saga with the Indianapolis Colts. Indy had set that day as a deadline to get a trade down, and with so much reported interest, it seemed like JT’s time in Indy was clearly coming to an end. Even though many people would love for Taylor and the Colts to some how patch things up and move forward together, a trade was viewed as the second-best option because it would end the drama.

Unfortunately, the drama continues. The Colts weren’t comfortable dealing Taylor for the offers that were on the table, so they kept him on the roster but placed him on the PUP list. This sidelines Taylor for at least the first four weeks of the season. What happens after that, no one knows.

This anticlimactic deadline disappointed a lot of people. Miami Dolphins fans were crushed because they were sure they were getting Taylor, and a lot of Indianapolis fans were conflicted, but sad about the fact that this young team will still have to navigate a lot of drama. However, no one seemed more upset than Jonathan Taylor.

Taylor has been pretty quiet throughout this entire situation, and that didn’t change much on Tuesday. However, after not being traded, Taylor used social media to make his feelings known. The star running back liked and unliked a tweet that said the Colts are holding Jonathan Taylor hostage.

Jonathan Taylor likes tweet that says Colts are holding him hostage

Taylor’s smart. He knows that the internet lives forever and that people are watching his accounts waiting for some type of reaction. So even though he unliked the post, he probably didn’t mind that people saw that he initially liked it. After all, him liking the tweet didn’t unearth any new information; Taylor no longer wants to be in Indy, and he’s already made that clear.

The unfortunate part for Taylor is that the ball is in the Colts’ court. He’s under contract for this season, and Indianapolis could also franchise tag him two times. Taylor’s only options seems to be returning to the field, playing, and just letting whatever happens happen, or he could just continue to make things awkward and ugly to the point that Indy just wants to get rid of him. So far, the Colts haven’t budged, but it’s clear that this drama is far from over.