Jonathan Taylor and the Colts are living in the now, so everyone else should too

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor finally spoke with the media on Thursday, and he made it clear that his only focus is the present.
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

On Thursday, Jonathan Taylor spoke with the media for the first time since June. In the months between those press conferences, Taylor had a very messy contract dispute with the Indianapolis Colts that resulted in a trade request. However, Taylor wasn’t traded, and after four weeks on the PUP list, he is now back on the field practicing with the Colts.

Since he had been silent throughout the entire saga, everyone has been waiting for him to speak with the media, hoping that he would be able to answer the questions that everyone had. Unfortunately, that wait will continue. Taylor was asked all the tough questions, but like many professionals, he gave the answers he wanted to give. Those answers were centered around his health and getting back to playing football.

Jonathan Taylor is focused on his health and resuming his career

Out the gate, Taylor was asked about his desire to remain with the Colts and his trade request. He answered the question by talking about how healthy he is, and how his goal the entire time has been to get healthy. Surely enough, the media pressed, as they tried to get Taylor to open up about his relationship with the organization.

Still, Taylor opted to focus on his health and his excitement to play football again. He did say that if someone wasn’t committed that they wouldn’t be there, and his presence is a sign of his commitment to the team. He went a little bit deeper, explaining that while everyone is focused on what Taylor wants, all that matters is what the team and the city needs. Taylor believes Indianapolis needs a championship, and he wants to help bring one to the city.

While a championship would definitely be great, what everyone wanted to know Thursday was if Taylor wanted to be with the Colts long term. He didn’t say yes or no. While there’s certainly room to make assumptions, Taylor seems focused on the now, much like the organization is.

Jonathan Taylor and the Colts are seemingly on the same page

During the press conference, Taylor deflected contract questions, saying that was offseason stuff. Similarly, the Colts have stated their desire to handle contracts in the offseason. While it would’ve comforted fans if Taylor made a grand declaration that he was committed to the organization long term, the organization hasn’t made that type of commitment to him. Sure, Chris Ballard and Jim Irsay have said they want Taylor to be in the franchise’s future, but they haven’t offered him a contract that backs those sentiments.

The truth of the matter is that the Colts organization wants to let this year play out and see what happens, and now, Jonathan Taylor is seemingly on board to do the same thing. Taylor could be moved at the trade deadline, leave in free agency next offseason, or sign a massive extension to stay with Indianapolis. It’s unclear what anyone wants at this moment, so fans should just be like Taylor and the organization, and enjoy the moments that this season brings.