Jim Irsay is giving Colts fans a chance to win $1 million, here’s how

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts
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As the Indianapolis Colts prepare for another season, team owner, Jim Irsay, is giving fans the chance to win one million dollars. Here’s all the details.

Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, has developed a reputation for his generosity. Irsay is frequently donating money, doing giveaways on social media, and can even be seen handing out money to fans at times. Now, as the Colts prepare for another season, Irsay is giving fans a chance to win a lot of money.

On Tuesday, he announced Jim Irsay’s Million Dollar Schedule Challenge. How does it work? Fans can sign up on the website and they have to try and guess Indianapolis’ regular season schedule, all 18 weeks. That’s 17 games, nine home and eight away, and one bye week.

Fans don’t have to guess the outcome of the games or anything, just the order that they’ll be played. Since that is a pretty tough thing to do, Irsay is still prepared to reward a winner even if no one correctly guesses the schedule. Writing on Twitter, Irsay said, “If there’s no winner, four Colts season tickets will go to whoever gets the most right.”

The deadline to enter the challenge is April 30.

Jim Irsay is offering $1 million to whoever can guess Colts schedule

The NFL has already revealed what opponents each team will be playing in the 2023 season, but the league hasn’t released the official schedule, with the dates and times of each game. That typically comes in a schedule release event sometime in May. After free agency and the draft, the league puts together the schedule so that every storyline can get proper shine.

Based on Indy’s opponents, the Colts have one of the easiest schedules next season. Of course they’ll be playing all of the AFC South twice, playing every team in the AFC North and NFC South, and then also games against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Los Angeles Rams, and the New England Patriots.

While the schedule may be considered easy, guessing the order won’t be. If anyone is lucky enough to guess it right, they have $1 million coming their way from Jim Irsay.

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