Jeff Saturday speaks on his stint as Colts interim head coach and Anthony Richardson

For the first time since interviewing to be the Indianapolis Colts head coach, Jeff Saturday is speaking about his time as interim head coach.
Jan 1, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Indianapolis Colts head coach Jeff Saturday looks on
Jan 1, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Indianapolis Colts head coach Jeff Saturday looks on / John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

It may seem like a fever dream, but legendary center Jeff Saturday was actually the interim head coach for the Indianapolis Colts last season. After Frank Reich was fired, the Colts shocked everybody and made Saturday the interim coach. He found a way to lead Indy to a win in his first game, but then lost his next seven.

His 1-7 coaching record didn’t discourage him or the Colts, as he was apart of the interview process to be the actual head coach. Of course, Shane Steichen was eventually hired, and Saturday delivered a farewell from a boat in the middle of a lake. Since that video that he posted on social media, Saturday hasn’t spoken much about his interim head coach stint.

That changed on Thursday, when Saturday spoke with WISH-TV’s Anthony Calhoun. Saturday explained how he would do the entire ordeal all over again, because of his love for the franchise. Any thing that he can do to help the Colts, he’s willing to do, and that’s why he’s pulling “for them like crazy.”

If Saturday helped Indy in any way last season, it was helping the team get in position to draft Anthony Richardson. Saturday also spoke about Richardson, slightly comparing him to Peyton Manning.

Jeff Saturday speaks on Anthony Richardson

Saturday said what everyone has been saying about Richardson, get him as many reps and as much experience as possible. Understanding his talent but also his youth and inexperience, Saturday said that sometimes he’s going to look like a rookie and other times he’ll look like he’s levels above that. What’s important is that he grows and builds toward the future.

Richardson will get things rolling on Saturday when he starts against the Buffalo Bills for Indy’s first preseason game. He’ll have the opportunity to dazzle fans with his athleticism and huge arm, while also getting some valuable reps in an actual game.