2 Indianapolis Colts players who shouldn't be back in 2024, and 3 that should

How do the Colts choose to sort through their own free agents?
Indianapolis Colts, Gardner Minshew
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The Colts need to re-sign Gardner Minshew

After Anthony Richardson went down with a season-ending injury, backup quarterback Gardner Minshew did what he does best. Minshew took over as the team's starter and went 7-6 in doing so, keeping the Colts in the thick of AFC contention for the majority of the season.

With Minshew under center, the Colts always had a chance. Sure, the guy makes some mistakes here and there. But, he's never been one to let those mistakes carry over to the next series. Minshew is as confident as they come and that's something you absolutely have to have as a backup quarterback. Some have even said he has "selective amnesia," referring to the fact that he will not allow a mistake to detract from his performance going forward.

I won't use the Pro Bowl nod as a feather in his cap, because the Pro Bowl hardly matters anymore. But, Minshew does deserve a lot of credit for his season in Indianapolis. It is very difficult to find a backup quarterback as capable as Minshew. His teammates love playing with him. They always have, no matter where he's ended up.

This is a move the Colts absolutely need to make. Minshew should be back, and ideally on a multi-year deal to give this team stability at such an important position.