2 Indianapolis Colts players who shouldn't be back in 2024, and 3 that should

How do the Colts choose to sort through their own free agents?

Indianapolis Colts, Gardner Minshew
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The Colts need to re-sign Michael Pittman Jr.

Because the Colts haven't been a prolific passing team, by any means, over the past few seasons, you haven't seen wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. get the credit he deserves. However, Pittman is every bit of a WR1 in this league. He has proven it, and the numbers don't lie, as they say.

This past season, Pittman finished fifth in the NFL in receptions with 109 and was eighth in targets with 156. Even with a rookie quarterback to start the season, as well as a backup for the majority of the year, Pittman dominated the Colts' passing attack. He was the focal point in this area, without a doubt.

Pittman is a free agent, and there will be a good amount of teams interested in signing him. But, Indy cannot allow him to leave. They just can't. He is too vital to this offense and, again, is so undervalued across the league. People don't see him atop the league with guys like CeeDee Lamb and Tyreek Hill, even though he's up there in usage and receptions.

He doesn't get the touchdown numbers those other top guys get, but that isn't always his fault. This team needs Pittman and cannot allow him to sign elsewhere. If they did, then the Colts would have a serious hole on their hands.