Colts 7-Round Mock Draft: Indianapolis nearly forgets about Anthony Richardson

Indianapolis Colts, Anthony Richardson
Indianapolis Colts, Anthony Richardson / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Malachi Corley. Malachi Corley. . WR. 2192. . . player. Malachi Corley. 3

It isn't until Round 3 that the Colts decide to turn to the offensive side of the ball, but fortunately, they're just in time. Indianapolis brings in one of the most exciting players in all of this year's draft class.

Western Kentucky's Malachi Corley is the self-proclaimed "YAC King," meaning he is an absolute menace after the catch. With the ball in his hands, there are few better than Corley. For a young quarterback like Anthony Richardson, Corley could wind up being his best friend.

There are few things more satisfying, for a quarterback, than to get the ball out quickly and watch a teammate make magic happen. Richardson won't have to work too hard on many of the occasions he gets the ball to Corley, because this kid does it on his own. He's impossible to tackle on first attempt. In fact, if you watch his tape, he is rarely brought down by the first or even second would-be tackler.

Corley is a walking, talking first down. And, for a young quarterback, extending drives and getting into a rhythm is everything. That's precisely what Corley is going to allow Richardson to do. This pick is as good as you can get in the third round.