Guessing which 6 teams have shown interest in Colts' Jonathan Taylor

There are reportedly six NFL franchises rumored to be in on Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, but who are they and what would a possible trade look like?
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages
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6. Miami Dolphins

Lastly, the only team that's been confirmed to have interest is the Miami Dolphins. And it makes a ton of sense.

Mike McDaniel's offense is a whole lot of fun and he uses the running back position quite often, but isn't afraid to use multiple backs. The only problem with his current group is that they are not prone to injury, and that's being generous. Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson have a history of injury, and rookie DeVon Achane recently suffered an injury as well.

Now, that sounds funny since Taylor is coming off an injury, too. But, assuming Taylor is healthy, the Dolphins could easily possess the best offense in football if they were to land him. Now, what type of deal would Miami need to offer?

One would assume the Colts aren't interested in Mostert or Wilson. So, do the Dolphins offer up the rookie, Achane, whose injury doesn't appear to be serious?

Let's say they gave up Achane and a pair of picks, somewhere along the lines of two thirds or a second and a fourth. That very well could get it done.