Guessing which 6 teams have shown interest in Colts' Jonathan Taylor

There are reportedly six NFL franchises rumored to be in on Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, but who are they and what would a possible trade look like?
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages
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5. Kansas City Chiefs

Any time you see an elite offensive player on the trade block, the Kansas City Chiefs are going to enter the conversation, at least from fans' perspectives. Patrick Mahomes is the best player in football, period. Adding more offensive talent to his unit seems frightening, but it's certainly possible.

The funny thing about the Chiefs and Taylor is the fact that they had the opportunity to draft Taylor at the very beginning, but decided to go with Clyde Edwards-Helaire instead. That led to the Colts being able to snag Taylor in the second round, and now Edwards-Helaire has found himself out of a job to a guy who went undrafted last year in Isiah Pacheco.

The Chiefs, like the Eagles, will have picks in the back end of rounds. So, offering a package centered around Pacheco and a couple of picks would mean that Kansas City would have to give up a second and third-round selection, in all likelihood.

The other aspect of this deal is an extension, which any team would of course have to have planned for Taylor. The Chiefs weren't ready to pay Tyreek Hill, and don't appear ready to pay Chris Jones. Are they really ready to pay up for a running back?