Guessing which 6 teams have shown interest in Colts' Jonathan Taylor

There are reportedly six NFL franchises rumored to be in on Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, but who are they and what would a possible trade look like?
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins
Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor, Miami Dolphins / Cliff Hawkins/GettyImages
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3. Philadelphia Eagles

The reigning NFC Champions have to be on this list, right? The Philadelphia Eagles love their running backs. It hasn't mattered who the head coach is over the past few years. They simply use a plethora of backs, and that hasn't changed. Only last year, they operated by using Miles Sanders the most he had been used over his career. Other than 2022, it's been a bunch of different guys.

Now, it appears as though Kenneth Gainwell is shockingly ahead of the group and leads the way as the starting running back. That means he's plunged ahead of both D'Andre Swift, whom the Eagles traded for earlier this offseason, along with Rashaad Penny, whom the team signed this year as well.

In any deal for Taylor, you can pick whichever back in Philly that you'd like to send to Indianapolis. Regardless, it's going to take a pretty package of picks along with that back in order to land Taylor. This is especially true because Philadelphia's picks will likely be in the back end of each round.

If the Eagles offered one of their running backs, plus a pair of second rounders, that may be enough to get a trade done.