Indianapolis Colts should consider these 5 Jonathan Taylor trades

Which trade is the best for both Jonathan Taylor and the Indianapolis Colts?

Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor
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Trade number 4 with the Los Angeles Chargers

Next up, we have an intriguing landing spot and trade, overall, with the Los Angeles Chargers. Their starting running back, Austin Ekeler, has been in headlines over the last couple of months. At one point, he was granted the ability to seek out a trade. However, nothing ended up happening there.

Lately, Ekeler has spoken out about the current running back market and how they are the only position that gets treated the way they do. It would be pretty ironic for the Colts to make a deal like this, taking in a guy who also feels undervalued. But, getting a first and second-round pick in addition to Ekeler makes it worthwhile.

Jonathan Taylor, Chargers trade

Wby would the Chargers make a deal like this, when Ekeler is already a fantastic player? It's simple, really. Ekeler is 28 years old, whereas Taylor is only 24. The Chargers could justify giving Taylor the kind of money he wants over Ekeler, because four years in running back years is an eternity.

Now, the Chargers would have Justin Herbert and Taylor locked up. They'd have Mike Williams locked up, plus a first-round talent in Quentin Johnston. That offense would be absolutely buzzing for the foreseeable future.