Indianapolis Colts should consider these 5 Jonathan Taylor trades

Which trade is the best for both Jonathan Taylor and the Indianapolis Colts?

Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor
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Trade number 2 with the Chicago Bears

Next up, we come to maybe the most electrifying back field this league would see if the Chicago Bears somehow combined Justin Fields and Taylor in the same back field. Fields ranked in the top 10 in rushing last year among all players. You add Taylor behind him? That's deadly.

Chicago added a lot of weapons around Fields this offseason, and ideally would like to see him run less, if they can help it. Getting a workhorse like Taylor would make that a reality, and would give them the best running back room in the NFC North.

Jonathan Taylor, Bears trade

In this trade, the Colts would get third-year pro Khalil Herbert back from the Bears who then becomes their starter. Right now, Herbert is expected to carry the number one role for the Bears, with D'Onta Foreman close behind him. In Indianapolis, Herbert would give the Colts a quick-cutting back they can give the ball to a number of times each game.

In addition to Herbert, the Colts would also net a first-round pick in 2024 along with a third rounder next year. The Bears have the draft capital and the financial assets to get a deal done with Indianapolis, and then turn around and extend Taylor if that's what he truly desires.

This could set the Bears up nicely for the future, but also give the Colts a couple of highly-valuable picks in next year's draft. The Bears finished with the worst record in football last season, and might still be another year away from contending. So, their picks in next year's draft will still be attractive.