An Indianapolis Colts player is reportedly under investigation for gambling on games

New York Jets v Indianapolis Colts
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As the NFL continues its crackdown on sports gambling, a player from the Indianapolis Colts is reportedly under investigation for placing hundreds of wagers.

Sports gambling is a big thing in the world right now, and as it continues to get legalized throughout the United States, there are still rules and regulations that pro athletes must follow when it comes to placing bets. That’s been evident in the NFL with the recent punishments that have been handed out, and the league may soon be handing out another punishment.

Matt Rybaltowski of Sports Handle recently reported that an unnamed player of the Indianapolis Colts is currently under investigation to see if they were in violation of the league’s gambling policy. According to Rybaltowski, this is an investigation of just one player that allegedly “placed hundreds of wagers,” including some that were on the Colts.

It has since been reported that the player that’s under investigation is cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Sr., who’s preparing for his fourth season in the league and with the Colts.

In addition to some of the alleged wagers being on Indianapolis, it was also reported that some of these bets were placed while in the team’s facility, which is also a violation of the league’s gambling policy. Before the identity of the player was known, Rybaltowski‘s source said, “Although the player is not considered a superstar, an ardent NFL fan has probably heard of him.”

If these allegations are found to be true, Rodgers will officially be named by the NFL and he will face a significant suspension.

Colts player Isaiah Rodgers Sr. being investigated for possible gambling violations

Just recently, the NFL suspended five players for violating the league’s gambling policy. Four of those players were members of the Detroit Lions and the other was with the Washington Commanders. Their suspensions ranged from six games to indefinite with a minimum of one season.

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley was just recently reinstated after serving a one-year suspension for gambling on NFL games. Based on those six suspensions, and what’s being reported about Rodgers, it seems like a very significant suspension could be coming to Indianapolis soon.

While NFL players are allowed to gamble on sports, they can’t bet on NFL games, especially their own team, and they can’t place any bets while in an NFL facility. Isaiah Rodgers Sr. is reportedly under investigation for all of that, so if the NFL finds that to be true, he will be away from the team for a while.