How good was Pat McAfee as a Colts punter?

You might know him more for his on-air personality, but the guy was a legend on the field.
Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee
Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee / Mike Lawrie/GettyImages

Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has done well for himself in life after football, and that's putting it lightly.

You see plenty of former NFL players who go on to other opportunities after hanging up the cleats, such as broadcasting or furthering their foundations and non-profits off the field. Many guys get opportunities simply because of who they were on the field, but McAfee took a different approach.

This guy worked his tail off, on his own and through relationships he had cultivated, in order to build an empire with The Pat McAfee Show. He did such a great job that, lo and behold, ESPN came calling at one point.

It's safe to say he's been able to continue having success, at the highest of levels, off the field. But, when looking back at his NFL career, people tend to forget just how good he was.

Pat McAfee ranks as the all-time leading punter in Colts history

When you're talking about how great a punter is, you're usually speaking on behalf of how far the guy can boot the football. On average, McAfee punted the football further than anyone else in franchise history. Here's a picture to prove just how great he was.


Gross Average (Yards)

1. Pat McAfee


2. Rigoberto Sanchez


3. Chris Gardocki


4. Rohn Stark


5. Hunter Smith


Just how good was McAfee compared to the history of the league? Here's where he would rank in terms of gross average, all-time, with a minimum of 500 career punts:


Gross Average (Yards)

1. Shane Lechler


T2. Tress Way


T2. Johnny Hecker


T3. Bryan Anger


T3. Thomas Morstead


T4. Brandon Fields


T4. Andy Lee


5. Pat McAfee


Now, if we are talking about non-current players, McAfee would actually rank 3rd all-time in average and that puts him in elite company, averaging less than only Shane Lechler, Andy Lee and Brandon Fields.

Looking back at McAfee's career accomplishments, it might shock you to learn that he only made two career Pro Bowls and was voted as an All Pro just once. Another fun fact: McAfee was drafted in the seventh round back in the 2009 NFL Draft out of West Virginia.

It's very rare to see a punter drafted, and many are found as undrafted free agents due to the position not holding a value of high-esteem when it comes to draft capital and how it's weighted against other positions.

From being a punter hearing his name called at the NFL Draft, to earning All Pro honors, to making history as a podcaster, McAfee has more than become an icon. Props to the former Colt for not only a lauded football career, but for doing big things after retirement as well.