Colts make first-round trade with division rival in this final 2024 mock draft

It's just about go-time!
Indianapolis Colts, 2024 NFL Draft
Indianapolis Colts, 2024 NFL Draft / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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. Josh Newton. 466. . . 6. player. Josh Newton. CB. Josh Newton

Round 6 sees the Colts add another cornerback to the mix. This time, it's TCU's Josh Newton, who has positional versatility and can play either inside or outside. God forbid Kenny Moore ever went down to injury, Newton could be one to step in there. Otherwise, Newton's skillset allows him to play outside, too.

He isn't the fastest at his position, so he's not one you want to put into single coverage on a speedy type. But, Newton uses instincts and his first five yards to his advantage. He's an in-your-face type that makes those first few yards difficult on his opposing man. Newton will also be effective in run support.

. . Daijahn Anthony. 7. . S. Daijahn Anthony. player. 532. Daijahn Anthony

With their last pick, the Colts add to the secondary once again. Mississippi safety Daijahn Anthony comes in with great size, standing six feet, 195 pounds and bringing overall versatility to the safety group. He's shown an ability to play more nickel, too, if need be. But, he's a hard-hitting safety who will bring the thunder, especially across the middle and against the run. Anthony isn't one you'll want as the last resort on a deep play, so he's limited in that fashion. But, he'll make a positive impact as a reserve or special teamer, at the very least.