Colts make first-round trade with division rival in this final 2024 mock draft

It's just about go-time!
Indianapolis Colts, 2024 NFL Draft
Indianapolis Colts, 2024 NFL Draft / Justin Casterline/GettyImages
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Xavier Thomas. player. . . 3. 432. Xavier Thomas. . EDGE. Xavier Thomas

In the third round, the Colts add another pass rusher to what's become more of a team-focused effort. Indy doesn't have a true, standout edge rusher on this team. But, they've done a great job getting to the quarterback as a unit. And, Clemson's Xavier Thomas will prove to be another notch in the Colts' belt of pass rushers.

A little undersized at 6-foot-2, 244 pounds, Thomas wins more with effort and his intense level of play than anything else. This is why he'll deliver as a rotational guy, first and foremost. He has the motor of a future starter, but Thomas will need to add a little more mass to his frame.

435. Jaheim Bell. . Jaheim Bell. TE. . 5. . player. Jaheim Bell

We have often talked about how the Colts would love to solidify the tight end position and see someone step into a legitimate TE1 role. It could be Jelani Woods this year, but the Colts might also use a draft pick on a guy like Florida State's Jaheim Bell.

Bell comes in as a mid-round prospect with some potential to be a gadget type at the position. He's 6-foot-2, so another guy who is a tad undersized. But, he shows promise after the catch and as a guy who can run the seams. Even as a TE2 in the passing game and as an effective blocker, Bell is a good value here in Round 5.