Andrew Luck has eye opening comments about retiring from Colts in 2019

Did the Colts legend ever feel an urge to come back?
Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck
Indianapolis Colts, Andrew Luck / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Back in August of 2019, former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the football world when he decided to hang up the helmet and cleats. retiring from the NFL.

The timing couldn't have been more weird, as the news leaked in the middle of a Colts preseason game. But, it was a reality in which the team and fans had to deal with.

Recently, Luck sat down for his first extensive interview in a public setting when he spoke with FOX59 at the 12th annual ChuckStrong Tailgate Gala.

Luck told the media that he never really felt the urge to unretire after calling it a career, believe it or not.

“I think when I retired, that part of it was put to bed in my mind in a very simple, direct way," Luck said.

The quarterback also told FOX59 that he was “tormented inside, as you guys saw that night. But that part of it has been stowed away.’’

“I volunteer two days a week at Palo Alto High School. I think part of me realized that I needed to re-integrate football in a way because . . . I love the game still and I enjoyed it and . . . I don’t mean this in a cheesy way, but part of me feels like, you know, it’s my turn to give back to this game. And it works with family and life and me.’’

The Colts are hoping Anthony Richardson can put the Colts back on the map, similar to what Luck once did

Luck had the privilege of stepping into some huge shoes in the post-Peyton Manning era in Indy, and though it's been a few years since his retirement, Luck's long-term heir seems to have finally made an appearance.

Anthony Richardson is a guy the Colts have unwavering belief in, so much so, that they have conducted their entire offseason in a way that has put all faith into their second-year quarterback. This Colts roster already featured a lot of in-house talent, which is why the team prioritized keeping those guys when free agency began.

With Richardson coming back from injury and entering Year 2, the Colts are banking on the former first-round quarterback to lead them to a place they haven't been since 2020: the postseason.

We'll see just how far Richardson can take the Colts, too, as Luck was able to get as far as an AFC Title Game back in 2014.