Colts 7-Round Mock Draft: Indianapolis addresses top two concerns immediately

Would Colts fans like the look of this haul?
Indianapolis Colts, Terrion Arnold
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player. . 4. . Cade Stover. Cade Stover. 490. . Cade Stover. TE

The Colts are still trying to figure out who can emerge as their starting tight end and make a difference in the passing game. In the fourth round, they take their shot on Ohio State's Cade Stover. At 6-foot-4, Stover is an average sized tight end but he's your prototypical pass-catching type at the position.

He isn't going to blow you away with speed or athleticism, but he's a fundamentally-sound football player who runs clean routes and has sticky hands. At the very least, he's going to make the catch and give his quarterback confidence in throwing it his direction, and that's valuable in a security blanket position like tight end.

. Maason Smith. . . player. DL. 5. Maason Smith. 529. Maason Smith

In Round 5, the Colts add some beef up front in LSU's Maason Smith. At 6-foot-5, 306 pounds, Smith is physically gifted. He's got a lot of natural traits, but has a lack of consistency in college that is a bit concerning. With the right coaching, Smith is the type of player who could really blossom. He tends to play a bit too tall, but has a ton of strength in his upper body that he uses well with a few different pass rush moves from the interior.