Indianapolis Colts 2023 quarterly report card grades

Entering Week 5, the NFL has already completed a quarter of the season. Let’s grade the Indianapolis Colts on how they’ve performed so far this year.
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
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We are at the quarter point of the NFL season and the Indianapolis Colts are 2-2 on the year, as they enter a huge week. Most would say this is better than expected and the prospects of an AFC South title and playoff berth are still very much a reality. With so many new faces and staff its time to dish out some grades in the Colts’ quarterly report card.

Colts grades entering Week 5


This was the biggest question mark coming into the 2023 season after Indianapolis GM Chris Ballard used band aids to fill the void. They finally ripped the band aid off this year and drafted Anthony Richardson and brought in veteran backup Gardner Minshew. Both have been terrific so far and while some fans want Minshew, it’s Richardson that needs the reps to continue his development and experience.

Grade: A-
Richardson still has much to learn but starting and finishing games will need to be at the forefront of his learning. He must learn to protect himself as well and understand that it’s a long season and keeping him healthy will be his best asset. Early returns across the league about Richardson have glowing.

Running Back

Had to deal with some early adversity in this room. All-Pro RB Jonathan Taylor has still not seen the field with an ankle injury. Backup Zack Moss missed the first game of the year while recovering from a broken arm. Rookie Evan Hull is on IR with a torn meniscus and Deon Jackson has been released after a poor showing in Week 1. Jake Funk and newly signed Trey Sermon have joined the active roster as well.

Grade: B+
Taylor has returned this week and Moss will return to his backup role. Moss will continue to have a role on this football team, he has too much talent to be on the bench. And frankly, he has earned his place on the roster. How Taylor fits into this new offense will be critical to the future of this franchise if he decides to stay with them.