All the important things Chris Ballard said about Colts during his busy combine week

The combine is complete, and Indianapolis did another terrific job this year hosting it. The teams will now prepare for free agency and the draft in April.
NFL Combine
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Colts plan for free agency

We have seen Ballard be passive in the past in free agency and he reiterated again at the presser that “A-Players go quick” and “B-Players want A-Player money,” seemingly implying that things will be the same this offseason. Will Shane Steichen’s coaching style of winning now change the mindset of Ballard this offseason and convince him to take a swing on big name and get more aggressive than usual? The Frank Reich era was typically a passive approach to free agency, and this will be the first time we see if Steichen will have an influence on the overall approach to the roster construction.

What Chris Ballard liked at combine

Outside of the well-deserved praise he gave to the staff and city for the combine preparation, Ballard seemed to gush over the prospects this season. He cited how deep the draft is this time around, especially with the wide receivers. This is a position of need for Indianapolis, and with the depth of the draft class, we might see Ballard bypass this position in free agency and just grab a receiver in April. It seems Ballard may have tipped his hand about wanting a wide receiver, but it could be misdirection as well.

As for the rumored love of Brock Bowers by the organization, he did say he liked his tight end room, but they lacked a superstar like a George Kittle or Travis Kelce. Could Bowers be the answer for Indianapolis at the position? Bowers did say he had nearly the entire scouting team in the room for his combine interview.