4 hypothetical trades for the Colts as the trade deadline approaches

The NFL trade deadline is right around the corner, and there are a number of moves that the Indianapolis Colts could probably pull off.
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Colts could trade for Commanders WR Terry McLaurin

Colts Receive: Terry McLaurin
Commanders Receive: 2024 3rd Round Pick

There is no speculation on this, but I think Ballard might make the call here. While the Colts need that AJ Brown type receiver, the one that just takes over games with his size and skillset, Terry McLaurin doesn’t bring that size, but he can get hot quick and be the reliable outside receiver to pair with Michael Pittman Jr.

McLaurin’s other strength is his health. He has only missed three games in his career so far. The Washington Commanders are still working on a new offense under the direction of offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy. In that offense, McLaurin has only got into the endzone once so far this year.

His contract is not terrible, and he would be under contract until 2025. McLaurin attended local Indianapolis private Cathedral High School before playing at Ohio State. Acquiring him would bring home a still relevant local product back to the Midwest. The pairing of Pittman and McLaurin would keep the cupboard stacked for Richardson when he returns in 2024 from his shoulder injury.