4 hypothetical trades for the Colts as the trade deadline approaches

The NFL trade deadline is right around the corner, and there are a number of moves that the Indianapolis Colts could probably pull off.
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Trade rumor season has started in the NFL, as the trade deadline is Tuesday, October 31. The Indianapolis Colts could look to be both buyers and sellers, especially with an eye to the future after the season-ending shoulder injury to rookie QB Anthony Richardson. Here are some hypothetical names and trades the Colts might look at before the deadline.

Colts could trade for Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy

Colts Receive: Jerry Jeudy, 2024 6th Round Pick
Broncos Receive: Alec Pierce, 2024 4th Round Pick

This is nearly a swap of underwhelming pass catchers for both teams. It was rumored that Chris Ballard was very high on Jerry Jeudy coming out of Alabama in 2020. Indy did not have a first-round pick that year, as they traded it to the San Francisco 49ers in the DeForest Buckner trade. Alec Pierce is more of a deep ball threat and that will be less on Indy’s radar with Gardner Minshew taking over for the injured Anthony Richardson.

Jeudy does not seem to be meshing with the new staff in Denver and that franchise looks to have a fire sale on their hands and will go into complete re-build mode as they decide their future. Could this be a spot where Denver gets desperate and just gives Jeudy up for less than they truly want? They need assets desperately from both a player standpoint and draft capital. They have already let go of two key defensive assets in Randy Gregory (to SF) and Frank Clark.

Jeudy’s contract is very manageable right now and it’s assumed that he will want a new deal if he is traded. He still has a lot to prove but a change of scenery might be what is best for him as he looks to secure the all-important second NFL contract.