How Anthony Richardson’s injury further proved he was the right quarterback for Colts

Anthony Richardson missed most of his rookie season with an injury, but through the process, Richardson still endeared himself to the Indianapolis Colts.
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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Almost no part of Anthony Richardson’s rookie season went how people expected. Coming into the league, there was a narrative that it would take him some time to be ready to be the Indianapolis Colts’ starting quarterback. He accomplished that after the first preseason game and opened the season as QB1. While a lot of critics were convinced that Richardson had a lot of developing to do as a passer, he quickly proved that he wasn’t a year away from being a year away like analysts had argued.

Richardson was an immediately dazzling talent, quickly excelling with his arm and legs. Unfortunately, the world only got a sample size, as Richardson’s rookie season would end in Week 5, after suffering a sprained AC joint to his throwing shoulder. While the injury brung a promising rookie season to a permanent halt, Richardson’s journey as the team’s quarterback was just getting started.

He had surgery on the shoulder and got back around the team as quickly as he could, so that’s he could experience the year with them, while continuing to learn and grow mentally. Richardson’s disposition throughout the entire process only bolstered the belief that he was the team’s quarterback.

Anthony Richardson endeared himself to Colts during recovery process

In a recent ESPN piece by Stephen Holder, Holder detailed how emotional of a process having season-ending surgery was for Richardson. The rookie quarterback explained that he never had to miss this much time, so it was an adjustment to not be able to play during football season. However, the organization saw Richardson’s sadness as a good thing in a way.

General manager Chris Ballard told Holder it was evident Richardson “cares deeply about being the best player he can be and he cares deeply about his teammates.” That was also exemplified in a heartfelt message that Richardson sent the team before undergoing surgery.

The young quarterback is all in emotionally. Combine that with his size and physical abilities, and there’s no questioning that he can be an unstoppable force once healthy.