Grover Stewart explains what he missed most as he prepares for his return with Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are getting Grover Stewart back from a six-game suspension and the defensive tackle is extremely excited to get back on the field.

Indianapolis Colts v Las Vegas Raiders
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At this point in the NFL season, all of the contending teams are hoping to sign free agents that can fill holes on the roster to help them get over the hump and compete in the postseason. That’s why the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles just battled for Shaquille Leonard. While Philly ultimately landed the former Colts linebacker, Indianapolis, in a way, just pulled off it’s own late-season acquisition of a quality player.

On Monday, the Colts got starting defensive tackle Grover Stewart back from suspension. Stewart was suspended six games for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Prior to the suspension, Stewart was one of the best defensive tackles in all of football. That’s why his return is being likened to a big free agency signing.

On Tuesday, Colts defensive coordinator Gus Bradley told the media that Grover Stewart returning to the lineup is like adding a top free agent. As for how Stewart feels, he’s excited to be back on the field with his brothers and ready to wreak havoc on opposing offense.

Grover Stewart missed hitting people for the Colts

In true Grover Stewart fashion, he told the media that “he missed hitting people. Throwing people out the way, turning up with the team and having fun.” This is the same defensive tackle that frequently talks about choking opposing players out, so clearly he’s ready for some sanctioned violence.

As for the reason he was suspended, Stewart once again expressed shock about his positive test, just as he did when he was first suspended. He didn’t really want to get into all the details of the positive test, but Stewart did say he decided not to appeal the suspension because he just wanted to get the situation over with.

Now, it’s over and Stewart is ready to return to football. Head coach Shane Steichen explained that Stewart is a pro so they expect him to be in shape and ready to roll. Stewart echoed that sentiment, telling the media that he doesn’t need a pitch count on Sunday against the Bengals. He’s just ready to get out there and start throwing people around.