Grading the Colts 2023 NFL Draft class after their rookie season

The 2023 NFL season is done for the Indianapolis Colts. How did Indy’s most recent draft class perform as rookies?
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Daniel Scott, Evan Hull, Titus Leo, Jake Witt- N/A

It is impossible to rank and grade players who had their seasons cut short or never got the chance to even play due to their injuries. Daniel Scott ended up tearing his ACL in the spring, which was an early season blow to the safety situation which became extremely thin as the season went along. Scott came out as a 24-year-old rookie out of Cal, so given his age and fifth-round selection we will see where he ends up, but an unfortunate start to the rookie's career.

Evan Hull was going to be a potential backup to Zack Moss when the Jonathan Taylor situation was going down, and he did indeed see the field early in the year, but that did not end up working out. Hull ended up suffering a torn meniscus in the season opener, and that did it for his rookie year which could have showed promise.

Titus Leo suffered a knee injury that sent him to the injured reserve, so the Wagner product never got a chance either to play for this team. And the same situation ended up happening to Northern Michigan tackle Jake Witt who was picked in the seventh round after a hip injury.

So these players who already were going to be fighting for a roster spot, now have to start fighting to get back and stay in the league, whether that is with the Colts or elsewhere. However, in the small sample size of camps and preseason, there was promise out of all four of these guys, so potentially we will see them in blue next season. But again, unfortunately these players never saw significant action, so a grade is not applicable for these guys.