Grading the Colts 2023 NFL Draft class after their rookie season

The 2023 NFL season is done for the Indianapolis Colts. How did Indy’s most recent draft class perform as rookies?

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Darius Rush: F

Given that Darius Rush is no longer on the Indianapolis Colts, an F is the only possible grade to give out here. When you take 12 players, it is almost impossible to keep all of them in your organization, and Rush became one of those players who saw an early exit from the team. This was disappointing given his fifth-round selection, but it was clear that Jaylon Jones was going to be the better fit for this team.

Indianapolis ended up over-drafting on corners, and while Rush had talent, it was clear who they wanted to go with heading into the future and into the 2023 season. Rush ended up with Kansas City shortly after he was waived, and now resides with the Pittsburgh Steelers after being signed off the Chiefs' practice squad back in October.

This ended up being a waste of a draft pick, with the Colts getting nothing in return for losing Rush, but these situations happen all the time when it comes to drafting prospects, especially corners. Given the growth of this defense, it was fine to take a flyer on a guy like Rush, especially given just how many draft picks the Colts had in 2023.

Fans definitely wish this worked out just a bit differently, but Ballard still put together a pretty good draft class here, so you win some and you lose some.