Grading the Colts 2023 NFL Draft class after their rookie season

The 2023 NFL season is done for the Indianapolis Colts. How did Indy’s most recent draft class perform as rookies?
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Blake Freeland: B

The Colts asked a lot out of Blake Freeland this season with Braden Smith missing some time throughout the year with injury. With his 6-foot-7 frame coming out of BYU, Freeland was a pretty solid get for the fourth round of the draft, and for a franchise that has been pretty good at drafting offensive line, Freeland has a ton of potential moving forward.

Anytime you can get a starting caliber player in the fourth round, you had a pretty decent draft if you are Chris Ballard. Freeland was a big piece of this line over at right tackle, and this unit almost propelled the Colts into the postseason if they were able to beat the Texans. With Smith healthy too, he was good to rotate in there to add to the depth of this unit and a replacement where you do not miss much of a beat.

He still has a ways to go before the Colts can tell what he is, he allowed four sacks in 701 offensive snaps with seven penalties, so pretty solid for a rookie campaign. You would have to imagine a player with his age and size is only going to improve with more time, so even if he has had his moments here and there, the future is bright for Freeland who came out of BYU.