Grading the Colts 2023 NFL Draft class after their rookie season

The 2023 NFL season is done for the Indianapolis Colts. How did Indy’s most recent draft class perform as rookies?
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JuJu Brents: B+

The Colts very much needed help in the secondary and they got that with JuJu Brents in the second round out of Kansas State. He came out as a speedy corner who could be a big part in coming down and tackling guys out of that position as well.

He has been fiery, and a clear factor on the field during his time with the Colts, but he did miss a good chunk of time this year so you have to wonder if health is going to be a concern moving forward with him. He had 28 tackles in his eight games this year, but Brents showed off a ton of raw talent that will be molded for this 23-year-old to be successful at this level.

Brents is a player that can have a breakout season with a fully healthy 2024, so this B+ will turn into an A once that happens for the young member of this secondary. He has been a fun player to watch when he is on the field, and this unit is different when he is out there.

So for a Colts secondary that dealt with injury after injury this season, it was encouraging to see Brents in there once this whole thing was winding down. The Colts will hope to avoid that injury bug in 2024, and let Brents ball out with a good cast around him as well.