The good, the bad, and the ugly from the Colts’ roller coaster loss to the Browns

The Indianapolis Colts lost a thriller against the Cleveland Browns 39-38, after two very controversial officiating calls plagued the final plays.
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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The ugly from Colts in Week 7

End-of-game officiating

I know what you are thinking, the Colts could have had this game in the bag if they didn’t commit the turnovers and you are 100% percent correct, but the officiating completely blew the call at the end of the game that may (or may not have) decided the outcome of the game. After starting rookie cornerback JuJu Brents went out, he was relieved by Darrell Baker Jr, who lost his starting job after Week 2. Baker received two critical penalties late.

The first call was a questionable illegal contact penalty that Baker committed on Amari Cooper, and the more I have watched it, he did seem to hook him as he made his double move, but it was a bit 50/50 on whether the call was correct or not. As for the defensive pass interference on him, it was clearly the wrong call as the ball was uncatchable and the Colts Mascot seemed to have a better chance of catching it. If the refs don’t call the penalty, the ball remains at the eight-yard line and the Colts would have had a better chance of making the stop.

Stopping Myles Garrett

An absolutely dominating performance from Myles Garrett, showing again why he is one of the best edge rushers in the league. He filled the stat sheet with nine tackles, two sacks, two key forced fumbles and one insane blocked field goal that ended up being a key play, as those three points would have turned the game in a different direction, potentially.  Garrett mostly played on the right side of the ball against Colts rookie tackle Blake Freeland, as starter Braden Smith was out with an injury.