The good, bad, and ugly for Colts in an expectation-resetting loss in Jacksonville

The Indianapolis Colts extended their losing streak in Jacksonville, falling to the Jaguars 37-20, in game that wasn’t close for the final three quarters.
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars / Sam Greenwood/GettyImages
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The bad from Colts’ Week 6 loss to Jaguars

Run game

The first poor performance of the year from this unit, aside from Week 1 when neither Zack Moss or Jonathan Taylor played. It was assumed that Taylor’s workload would ramp up but that was not the case. Now, some of this was assuredly some game script as they were down most of the game and it became a pass-oriented gameplan.

While Moss did get into the end zone the highlight of the backs was through the air, as Moss had the third most targets of all players. The Jaguars defensive front was staunch against the Colts offensive line and prevented them from creating holes for the backs. The duo finished with 17 carries for 44 yards, which is obviously not good enough to achieve success.

The curse lives on

With this loss, the losing streak in Jacksonville extends. They have not had a road game victory against Jacksonville since 2014. For some reason, this franchise cannot get over the mental and physical block they have dealt with in Jacksonville. It appears that the Colts do not matchup with the Jaguars well and they always get outcoached and outmuscled. This week was no different as they were outcoached, and the turnovers plagued us from the second quarter on.