Gardner Minshew endorses Anthony Richardson, as Colts QBs react to starter decision

• On Tuesday, Shane Steichen announced that Anthony Richardson will be the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.

• Both Richardson and Gardner Minshew spoke with the media, reacting to the announcement.

Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks Anthony Richardson (5), from left in red jerseys, Sam Ehlinger (4)
Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks Anthony Richardson (5), from left in red jerseys, Sam Ehlinger (4) / Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar / USA TODAY

On Tuesday, Indianapolis Colts head coach Shane Steichen made the announcement that Anthony Richardson is officially the team’s starting quarterback. Everyone knew Richardson starting Week 1 was a possibility, but no one expected an announcement this soon. However, between training camp and the team’s first preseason game, Steichen has seen enough to know that Richardson is ready.

He made that clear when announcing the news. Steichen also gave a shoutout to veteran quarterback Gardner Minshew, saying that the team is lucky to have him, and that his leadership has helped get Richardson prepared to start. Shortly after, Minshew spoke with the media and displayed that leadership.

Despite being a competitor, that would love to start for the Colts, it was clear that Minshew was excited for Richardson, telling the media that Indianapolis is Richardson’s franchise. Minshew went on to explain that he’s understanding of the decision and all-in one helping Richardson shine, because he believes he can be special.

Gardner Minshew is excited for Anthony Richardson to start for Colts

This is the kind of relationship that Minshew and Richardson have had since becoming teammates. Despite competing against each other for the same spot, it has always been about supporting each other and making sure that everyone is getting better. Richardson and Minshew even have the same quarterback trainer, and their trainer expressed that the relationship between the two QBs keep things from getting awkward.

As for how Richardson took the news that he’ll be the team’s starting quarterback, he admitted that he was shocked. He also explained that he worked really hard for this moment but understands that the work is just getting started.

Anthony Richardson shocked to be named QB1

Richardson also took time to shout out the other quarterbacks like Minshew, saying, “despite being labeled as QB1, I still got other guys in the room helping me get to that standard, so I’m forever thankful for them.” As Richardson alluded to, there’s a ton of more work to be done.

Head coach Shane Steichen, who’s also the offensive play caller, will start designing the offense around Richardson’s strengths and setting him up to shine. However, once the regular season starts, defenses will also tailor their game plans to stop Richardson. It’ll be fun to watch how Richardson handles all the challenges that come with being QB1.