Game-by-game predictions for the rest of the Colts season after the Bye Week

The Indianapolis Colts are currently 5-5 heading into Week 12. Let’s predict how Indy will perform in their final seven regular season games of the 2023 season.
Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots
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Week 13 @ Titans- W

The Indianapolis Colts will get their first taste of Will Levis, who they could be playing twice a year for the foreseeable future. While he very much could get the Titans off on the right foot for the future of this matchup, the Colts get back to .500 with a win here.

Indianapolis will be looking for the sweep of the Titans after taking them down 23-16 the last time these two teams met. This was a big Zack Moss game with 23 carries, 165 yards, and two touchdowns. Now it is Jonathan Taylor's turn to have a dominant game against Tennessee.

The Titans will be looking to stop the run, but it seems the Colts have their number in terms of pounding the football. This was also the real beginning of the Colts' Minshew mania, as this was the game Richardson went down with that season-ending shoulder injury.

In terms of the matchup though, the Titans have not had a strong season, and at this point, some fans of Tennessee are hoping for a Colts win to position the Titans better in the draft to help Levis and this team.

Indianapolis would need the win here after a loss to Tampa, so one would imagine the Colts would want it more here, although this divisional matchup always gets interesting. Indianapolis puts themselves in position to be in position with a win against Tennessee, so a win here makes the playoff push possible.

Colts record: 6-6